Vacation Season Is Here!

Vacation season is finally here! Grab your airline tickets, sunscreen and a good waterproof camera.  There are a lot of great choices in rugged waterproof cameras in the market.  Here is a link to Techradar that lists the top five waterproof cameras according to their research.  All of them are priced around $400 except for the Fuji XP120, this model is around $250 and one of my favorites because it's so simple and easy to use. Plus, I'm cheap.  I'd rather take that savings of $150 and put it toward a nice lobster dinner while I'm vacationing.  The photo above is from Cascada De Tamul in Mexico. This attraction receives lots of excellent reviews and everyone who's been can't take enough videos and pics of the falls.  The water falls are over 300 feet high and the water is nice and warm and is a beautiful shade of blue green.  Get there early and bring lots of sunscreen. You definitely don't want to bring your cell phone camera on this adventure.  Someone from work will be trying to call you anyway, so leave your phone in the room, relax and enjoy your vacation!

Enjoy and record all your adventures!