The Perfect Evening!

Who doesn't love the smell of wood burning on an open fire pit and the crackling sound as it burns.  The blue skies with white puffy clouds and a colorful sunset as the evening temperature starts to cool.  With the newer model digital cameras you can not only take  these amazing HD pics, but you can also take spectacular video clips in HD.  This photo emulates my idea of a perfect evening.  No one else in sight, a magnificent view of snow covered mountains and a calm crisp lake footsteps away.  All of my favorite activities are right here.  Swimming, boating, hiking, exploring, taking photos and most importantly, relaxing, they're all right here.  Without the exciting new digital cameras, all I would have would be memories and images in my mind.  There's something amazing about scrolling thru hundreds of pics that you took over the years of people, places and things that brings you back in time momentarily.  You get that same great feeling of when you were there.  I love it and I hope you do to!