Trail Cam Tricks

The best way to get real life action camera 1080P pics of wildlife in there natural habitat is to have a trail cam mounted in the woods and let it do the work for you. Many people will buy one of these, not read any of the instructions (it's a guy thing) and throw the batteries in, strap it on a tree and wait for pics like above.  They wait a few days, get the sd card out, pop it the computer and look at hundreds of shots of bright white pics and lots of leaves blowing in the wind.  Here are a few trail cam tips and tricks so this doesn't happen to you:

  • A good place to set up during winter time is near feeders and mineral sites. Otherwise, a good area is near bushes and along streams.  
  • Spend a few extra bucks and buy lithium batteries.  You will get a lot more use and many more videos and action camera pics with good batteries.  
  • Mount your trail cam 2-3 feet high without branches or bushes in the way and always have it facing North.  This will keep you from watching hours of branches blowing in the wind and bright white pictures of the sun with your trail cam facing North. Additionally, be sure to keep it horizontal to the ground.
  • Most trail cams have multiple setting options, I prefer it to take two pics and a 10 second video.  This seems to capture plenty of great action camera 1080p pics.
  • If you have several trail cams out there, name the cameras and put a number on the sd cards. This way if you get an amazing pic like the one below, you'll know which camera and where these beautiful creatures are hanging out.     

Enjoy and record all your adventures!