Drone tips for Dummies

Drones are in high demand and lots of people want to fly them and take those amazing videos and pics, but before you head to skies, please read the following:

  • Follow the rules.  There are lots of rules and regulations for drones, learn and obey them.  A few of the common sense rules are: a) Never fly over airports, people, national parks or anywhere a descending drone could cause harm. b) Always keep your drone within line of site. c) Never fly higher than 400 feet.
  • Learn to fly your drone in an open area first.  Choose a wide open area with no one around to start like a soccer field or park. 
  • Begin with simple basic movements close to you.  Try hovering at 5 feet then 5 more feet. Then go left and right very slowly.  Bring extra batteries and have spare parts handy.  Most drone batteries only last about 30 minutes, have 2-3 on hand.  Spend a lot of time practicing.
  • Don't start with an expensive drone.  Learn to fly with smaller more affordable models that can easily be replaced in case of a crash.  Two affordable models are the Syma X-8 and Hubsan X-4.
  • Check out You Tube channels and beginner forums for help and advice.  A few I recommend are : Drone Life, Drone Training and That Drone Show Youtube Channel.  
  • Learn to fly without GPS.  Several models of the mid to higher priced models have GPS and allow it to return to a predetermined position practically unassisted.  This helps you during the learning curve, but don't rely on it.  GPS has a tendency to fail if there are mountains or cliffs nearby.  That said if it fails, you could be picking up a lot of little pieces and ordering a new drone...

Drones are a lot of fun and can make a good vacation spectacular!  Enjoy and record all your adventures!