Five tips for better selfies!

It’s all about selfies these days.  In my travels I see hundreds of people taking selfies everywhere each week.  Everyone wants to have it look just right and have it reflect exactly where they are and what they’re doing.  Here are five simple tips to make your selfies look fantastic!

1.       It’s all about the angles.  Holding the camera low and taking pics from below the chin just doesn’t make anyone look good.  When taking a selfie, hold the phone so that the bottom of it is level with your eyes or higher.  Or, better yet, use a selfie stick, they seem kind of silly in every way, but that actually work, because it forces you to hold the phone up higher.  Additionally, don’t look straight at the camera, have a slight tilt for better pics.
2.       Be yourself!  No fake smiles or grins.  Natural big smiles are always best.  Practicing in a mirror for the just right big beautiful smile can help you get the right smile in your selfies.
3.       Beauty in numbers.  In this we mean, take a lot of selfies.  Not 10 or 12, we mean a lot… 100’s to get the perfect pics.  Some people will turn their camera on video for two minutes or so and do various selfies, then scroll thru the video one frame at a time to get great selfies. 
4.       Avoid shadows.  There’s nothing worse than having a huge shadow through your selfie.  Always face directly into or away from the sun.  The best time for great pics is sunrise and sunset.
5.       Lastly and most importantly is natural lighting.  Find a window or go outside.  To reflect some of the natural lighting, try holding a white piece of paper under your chin, this will help with any shadows and the dreaded double chin.

I hope these few simple selfie tips will help you take better selfie pics and have more fun with your cameras.  As always, please remember to enjoy and record every adventure!