Have more fun while recording your travels!

HD car cams are a great way to document your weekend trip to New England in September or just have in the car, in the event of an accident, to send footage to the insurance company.  Either way the technology of these HD car cams is pretty amazing.  Some models come with a front and rear cameras, both recording in HD simultaniously.  Some models have GPS with full navigation capabilities and lifetime free upgrades on maps.  So while your following the directions to your destination, the camera is taking crystal clear video of your journey.  Some also have built in wifi and mobile apps that enable others to have a live feed of your trip from their computer or smart phone.  I think one of the best features of these HD car cams is that you can get all of these features, HD videos and pictures for around $200.  Additionally, some models have driver assist features that include front collision and lane departure warnings, stop sign recognition and driver fatigue alarms.  Hit the road and capture your trip with an HD car cam.  You will love it!