Super Cool Pics!

I am a huge fan of shots like this!  The picture is almost perfectly divided in half with the reflection from the Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.  This region of Canada is considered a sub-arctic climate, where annual snowfalls exceed 10 feet and winter temperatures reach -58F.  This must have been taken in July.  I did some research on this and it looks like the average high temperature in July is 68F.  The population of Lake Louise is just under 800.  It would be pretty cool to have a summer cabin here,  just land your plane right on the water and tie it up at the dock.  I need to win the lottery!

Skiing is probably the most well known activity at the Lake Louise Ski Resort.  The resort here has 9 lifts, 145 trails, some starting around 10,000 feet above sea level.  Several high profile skiing and snowboarding events are held here every winter.  Put this on your must see list in North America.  It looks so amazing...  Bring your parka!