Underwater Digital Camera Pics

Waterproof cameras have come a long way in the past several years.  Believe it or not, waterproof digital cameras are a new and fast growing segment for today's manufacturers.  Years ago, waterproof cameras and video cameras were only for the wealthy and privileged.  Today, you can spend anywhere from just $99 - $159 and get one with 15-20 mega pixels and 720-1080p.  In addition, they come in just about any color imaginable.  Now you can enjoy the beach, pool and picnics without having to worry about getting your smart phone wet, sandy or ruined by the elements.  Additionally, these pictures will be much clearer and more detailed than pictures taken on most smart phones, without the worry.  

These cameras are all about fun!  Whether you are hiking, skiing, hunting, or fishing, these cameras are built for the outdoors.  Tell me the young girls below are not having fun...  Built tough to handle the elements, they are made to get splashed, dropped and cannonballed into the pool.  Enjoy the last few weeks of summer with a new and inexpensive waterproof camera!

Thank you!