I Love PA!

Living in Pennsylvania is wonderful.  We get to experience all four seasons and see an aray of colors in our landscapes throughout the year.  In October, we can strap on our helmet cams and hit the trails and capture many of shades of red, orange and yellow.  Central PA is especially beautiful this time of year with the Allegheny Mountains creating a wall of fall colors as the leaves change colors. During the Summer, you'll see rolling hills of corn stalks that line both sides of the road to almost form a tunnel.  Throughout Spring, you'll see beautiful pear trees lining the streets of many downtown cities.  This is a great time to fire up your HD dash cam and hit the roads.  You don't realize how large Pennsylvania is until you try to get from Philadelphia to Erie and you realize there's no easy way to get there and you're in a rush.  The most direct route will wind you thru the mountains, around the lakes and you will still travel on multiple highways and go over 400 miles.  Erie just had a banner year with snowfall this Winter, the last report I saw was a few weeks ago, it was 198.5 inches.  For those of you without a calculator, that is over 16 and 1/2 feet of snow.  That is almost the height of an average two story home.  I love driving around and finding great pics of nature with new fallen snow, but the entire Northeast has had a very long and extreme winter.  I was at a lacrosse game last week and the wind chill was in the 20's.  No fun!  Well, I'm done whining, it's supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees tomorrow.  I love PA!  Thank you! 

Enjoy and record all your adventures!