Tips and Tricks for Action Cameras

In todays sports, action is measured in split seconds.  There's a reason that every sport is using replays to capture and review the action, the action happens so fast the the human eye cannot see exactly what happened.  Since most of us aren't playing professional sports, we rely on action cameras to record what happened, so we can learn and re-live them over and over.  Many soccer, lacrosse, football and hockey players are wearing them during practices so they can see exactly where they are positioned and what they did, so they can improve their game.  Here are a few tips to get better results and more use with your action camera:

  • Use the right mounts made for your use.  Duct tape is no good.  Their are mounts for helmets, chest, handlebars and just about anything else you can think of.  Always use the right mount.
  • Try different mounts, angles and positions to record the action.  This will help you get more of a complete view, so you may notice something you wouldn't see from just one angle.
  • Practice filming around the house and view your footage before attempting to use it on your helmet or chest during practice. Make adjustments to your settings at this time, so your action camera is set up and ready to take great footage.
  • Bring extra batteries.  You'll want a lot of footage and that requires extra batteries.  Be prepared. 
  • Look for cameras that have built in WiFi, this will allow you to easily share videos and pics with friends, coaches and family. 
Most of all have fun and enjoy and record all of your adventures!