Three simple guidelines to better nature pics

Everyone loves great nature pics.  Whether it's capturing the majesty of new fallen snow in the morning or a spectacular sunset shining thru fall leaves, there's peace and beauty in these images that inspires all of us.  We all love these pics, but many people feel they don't have the talent, education or equipment needed to take these breathtaking photos.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  In fact just about anyone can take amazing nature pics without going to art school or spending thousands of dollars on expensive camera equipment.  All you really need is a simple camera, dedication and a few simple guidelines to get you started: 

  • Try to avoid putting your subject in the very center of your photo.  Your taking a photo outside and everything around you is making your photo unique, so capture a leaf in the corner and let everything else be your backdrop.  This will draw a viewers eyes much better.  
  • If you're taking sunsets or ocean pics try not to divide the photo in half, instead use a one third / two third rule.  Have the sunset on the bottom one third and the sky above two thirds of your photo. This will make your shots more visually compelling.
  • Take more pics.  In fact take thousands of more pics.  Too often we see a beautiful site when we're out and about and we take only a few pictures.  We get home and look thru the pictures and one is blurry and the others are too bright.  The secret to getting those amazing pics of sunsets and snowy bridges is taking multiple shots from various vantage points.  The more you take, the higher your chances are of taking that one amazing photo!  The more you take, the better photographer you'll become.  Practice does make perfect!  

Enjoy and record all your adventures!