Take great split level underwater pics!

Warmer weather is on the way.  It's time to dust off your or buy a new underwater camera and head out on vacation.  The key to getting great shots like the one above is to have your camera set to allow just the right amount of light to take the underwater shot and not overexpose the brighter area above the water.  This typically takes adjusting your particular underwater camera to various settings to see what looks the best and that requires taking lots of pictures in varied directions and different exposure settings. 

Split level pics require a lot of patience.  I would suggest to start it a clear lake where the water is relatively flat with no waves.  Before you get in the water, make sure the camera in your hand is an underwater camera or a camera with a waterproof housing specifically made for your model camera.  Sit the camera on top of the water and lower it slowly until you see the lens one half in the water and one half out of the water.  This step, keeping the lens evenly 50/50 in and out of the water will take a lot of practice, but the results are pretty amazing.  In this position, click as many shots as you can, it helps to have turtles, fish or people in the water to really make the shot fantastic.

Enjoy and record all your adventures!