Home security tricks & tips.

With todays technology is almost ridiculous not to have some sort of home security camera system in place. While there are home systems that can be professionally installed and monitored for several thousands of dollars that are great, I just don't think it's necessary when there are simple easy to install home systems on the market from $200 to $500 depending on how many cameras that you would like to have. Here are a few tips and tricks for home security:

  • Install home security system - even if it's just one doorbell camera at your front door, it's better than nothing at all.
  • Display security yard signs - this let's them know someones watching and maybe they should try elsewhere.
  • Install deadbolt locks and always use them when you're away on all outside doors.
  • Get a dog.  Even if it's not a 150 lb German Sheppard, dogs can sense many things we cannot and will often prohibit someone from entering with just a few barks.  
  • Install outside motion sensor flood lights near back doors and garage entrances. When the lights come on all around the house most intruders will think twice about entering.    

Be safe and secure!