Four new events for the 2018 Winter Olympics

This years Winter Olympics will feature four new events.  I'm pretty excited about most of them. First on the list is Mixed Doubles Curling.  I apologize in advance to everyone out there that likes curling, but if you don't break a sweat or exceed 2 miles per hour, I don't think it's a sport.  To me it's like having bocce ball in the Summer Olympics..  Next one the list is Mass Start Speed Skating, now this sounds exciting!  24 skaters on the long track racing over 16 laps.  This will be action packed and fast paced.  The third new event is Mixed Team Alpine Skiing.  This event will pit 16 mixed-gender teams of six athletes each against one another on the slalom course.  I'm sure it will be very competitive with all of the skiers from other countries.  The fourth and final new event is the Big Air Snowboarding.  This is my personal favorite.  It's pretty self explanatory, there's one big jump and riders will try to get as high as possible while doing as many flips and tricks as possible and land. I'm sure they'll have some great video feeds using helmet cams.  After watching the snowboarders reach new heights and amazing tricks in the X-Games, I can't wait to what we'll see in the Olympics!  This will be fun to watch, especially using the new HD virtual reality option that NBC is offering this year!  Enjoy and record all of your adventures!