Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur California

While searching the web for amazing drone shots from around the world, I discovered a bridge that I have seen many times before, but really didn't know anything about it until I did some research.  Here it is, The Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur California.  Since I have done most of my traveling on the East Coast and Caribbean, I realized that I need to get out West and travel more.  This is a remote place along the infamous Route 1 where land, sea and concrete meet in the most beautiful way.  Built in 1932, it stands an impressive 280 feet high and over 700 feet long and is located 120 miles south of San Francisco.  The drone videos and pics I've see of this bridge are truly amazing. I now have it on my list of "must visits" and next time I get to San Francisco, I will rent a car and spend some time traveling Route 1 with my dash cam and drone for aerials. Life is too short, not to see our beautiful sites in the US.  Please remember to enjoy and record all of your adventures!