2018 Olympics with Virtual Reality??

Olympic rings in Hoenggye near site of opening ceremonie

We are about two and a half weeks until the 2018 Winter Olympics start in South Korea.  I just heard on the news that the athletes from North Korea will walk with those from South Korea during the opening ceremonies.  Perhaps the winter games could bring these two countries much closer and strengthen their relations.  It can only get better between North and South Korea.  I'm excited for the competition and coverage of so many athletes from all over the world to compete at such a high level. The footage and HD action camera shots continues to get better and better with each Olympics. For 2018 and for the first time ever, NBC is providing over 50 hours of live virtual reality coverage powered by Intel True VR during the Winter Games.  The live VR programming will include the Opening and Closing ceremonies, alpine skiing, ice hockey, snowboarding, figure skating, big air, curling and much more.  Viewers will be able to customize their experience by switching between multiple vantage points to hear live sound from each camera and truly immerse themselves at the event.  Viewers will also be able to "fly" through the Olympic arenas, Olympic venues and sections of South Korea. For more details visit:       http://www.nbcolympics.com/news/experience-2018-winter-olympics-virtual-reality

 I can't wait to try the Virtual Reality tours and venues since I won't be traveling to South Korea this year. It should be pretty amazing!  Always remember to enjoy and record all your adventures. Thank you! InnovativeCams.com

Alpensia Ski Jumping Center