The Grand Canyon - Quick Tips & Lots of Pics

The Grand Canyon National Park!  If you haven't seen it, put it on your absolute must do travel list. It's about 270 miles long, 18 miles wide and over 5,000 feet deep. Breathtaking is an understatement.  They have discovered ruins and artifacts here dating back nearly 12,000 years.  The Grand Canyon is known throughout the world for it's overwhelming size and intricate and colorful landscape.  Located in northern Arizona the beautiful geological layers that are exposed and preserved on the walls give us majestic timeline of history. Here are just a few of the must do sites while visiting the Grand Canyon:

  • Grand Canyon Village - This is the most popular entry way into the canyon which can be the most crowded. Here you'll see Yavapai Point, one of the best places to view the canyon and take lots of photos.
  • The North Rim - This area of the canyon has a reputation for being a bit more rugged and less sophisticated featuring many hiking trails and beautiful views such as: Bright Angel Point with views of Roaring Springs, the North Rims only water source and Point Imperial, the highest spot on the North Rim at 8,803 feet. Please remember, the North Rim is only open to visitors May thru October.
  •   Bright Angel Trail - This steep 6 mile trail one-way, if you go all the way to the Plateau Point, starts in the Grand Canyon Village.  Mule rides are available and can be a very exciting way to go.  Bring lots of water, cameras and pack to stay overnight in Plateau Point.
  • Helicopter Tour - Many visitors that go to nearby Las Vegas will take a half day helicopter tour. You'll cover a lot more ground and get some amazing video clips and pictures of the amazing one million acres of  breathtaking views you'll see at The Grand Canyon National Park.
This is just the tip of ice burg here.  There are so many trails and sites to see over this vast canyon that you'll never get to see it all.  Have fun, take lots of pics and enjoy your time!