HD Action Camera Tips

Everyone loves watching the action camera 1080p clips of extreme skiing, skateboarding & surfing, but you don't have to be an XGames athlete to get great hd action camera videos and pics. You can get some amazing footage just biking around the local park / lake or paddling a kayak down a nearby river.  The angles and vantage point from where you mount your hd action camera make all the difference.  Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your hd action camera:

  • Vary the angles - often the best shots are those filmed from unusual angles. Get creative and try as many angles as possible. Most cameras have wifi, so you can view/test the angles and footage using your smart phone. 
  • Sharp & short - aim for 60 frames per second as a minimum.  1080p, 60 fps is an optimal setting for most hd action cameras. People have short attention spans, shorter clips are watched more.
  • Show your mount - when filming from a kayak or helmet cam, have part of your kayak or helmet in the picture, it will help your hd action camera footage look more stable and give your viewers a point of reference.
  • Vary camera height - having a camera mounted on your snowboard looking up can offer some amazing footage, while having it mounted on the top of your helmet looking down can offer some unique videos.
The more hd action camera videos and pictures you take, the better they will get.  Experiment over and over using your imagination.  You will be amazed at the footage and fun you will have.  Most importantly, enjoy and record your hd action camera adventures!