Great Holiday Pics

The holidays are always a great time to dust off your HD action camera or just grab your smart phone and head outdoors. Winter in the US always brings out the most amazing effects of nature pics, from snow and ice storms to amazing sunsets in the south. It's always a great time for pictures of houses and streets that are lit up for the festive Holidays. I have three extremely simple tips for you to try during the Holiday Season:

  1. Make sure your cameras are fully charged and bring along an additional camera or smart phone. You will be taking a lot more photos than normal and having extra battery life and a backup camera is key.
  2. Get out of bed early! To get great pics of new fallen snow or ice, the fresh snow in the trees or roads is usually much more impressive early in the morning versus later when cars have driven thru it. This will also get your body moving earlier and you'll get more things accomplished, like shopping for a new HD action camera.   
  3. Take more pics. From Holiday parades to party's, everyone's having fun with friends and family, so take more photos. This is always a great time to get pics with cousins and relatives that you may not see all year. Please refer to item 1, have an extra camera to take more pics. One additional bonus tip: Hold the camera steady and most importantly have lots of fun and a fantastical Holiday Season!