A little piece of mind during the Holidays!

The holidays are great months to gather with friends and family.  It's a time to celebrate and unite, but sadly enough during the month of December, the crime rate increases about 20 percent across the nation.  Don't be a victim, there are several home office cams for inside and outside your home that are rather inexpensive ($150 - $300) that will offer you piece of mind, if you're traveling across the country to see family or just around the corner at a neighbors holiday party. These EZVIZ mini trooper cameras (pictured above) are battery operated and weather proof so they can be placed just about anywhere.. in a tree or hidden on the front porch.  Motion alerts instantly pop up on your smart phone when movement is detected with the EZVIZ app.  These can even see clearly up to 25 feet at night.  These home office cams are wireless and the base can handle up to six cameras and batteries last up to nine months.  The Holidays are meant to be with friends and family, not a time to worry and stress about leaving your house vacant. Try the EZVIZ mini troopers and you will have a happier Holiday Season!