Home Office Cams For You

There's a wide variety of home office cameras on the market to fit just about every ones needs. Buying a wifi home office cam should be a household decision, with everyone involved agreeing to placement, usage and viewing. Additionally, this means deciding which camera is best for you may depend on how obvious you want it to be, what are the best functions of this home office cam and what and when does it record.. For instance, monitoring pets and checking in on kids activities doesn't require a camera that continuously records, but you may want a model that allows you to record manually  - if the person at the other end doesn't mind being recorded. 

Wifi cameras - perhaps more than any other tech product (except for drones with cameras) can raise privacy issues, which could be magnified since you'll be spying on your own family. This is why it is important for everyone in the household to know where any home office cams will be placed.  Prices for these simple one camera wifi systems range from about $90 to $270 (for one or two cameras) for home office cams that will have all of the features you will want.  These include:

  • 720p to 1080p HD video quality.
  • Wide angle lenses (larger that 120 degrees) so you cover more space with fewer cameras.
  • Night mode and digital zoom to help you see better in less than ideal conditions.
  • Two-way communication, so you can tell your dog to get off the couch while you're away.
  • Motion or sound detection alerts, so it will record automatically and you'll catch all the action.
These are must haves for most people.  One last item and probably most important, easy setup and easy to use, review and playback.  You will get a lot more use of it, when it's easy to monitor and playback. Enjoy greater peace of mind and more security with your new home office cam!