Getting Pics of North American Moose

These amazing animals are the largest species of the deer family weighing 1,000 to 1,800 lbs.  The males are easily recognizable with their large antlers that can span 5 to 6 feet.  Females are about one half the size, weighing 500 to 900 lbs and do not have antlers.  Getting good photos and videos of them are a challenge.  Even with todays high tech HD action cameras, moose are very elusive for such large docile creatures.  They like to be deep in thick forests near small ponds and swamps.  Once you find a spot where they graze, timing will be key.  They are early morning risers, so that means you need to be there before them.  So when they start their day it is usually still rather dark and lighting will be an issue for your HD action camera.  Find a spot where they hang out and from there it's patience and luck to capture anything on camera. 

One final note, please be aware that moose may not want you hanging out taking pictures, certain times of year, primarily Spring (calving season) and Fall (mating season) they can become very aggressive.  All antlered deer can be dangerous during the mating season.  There are more attacks on humans by members of the deer family than any other type of animal and many of these attacks happen during mating season.  Also, be aware of where the mother and her calves are located.  Mothers can often be over protective of their young and it is important that you are caught in the middle.  That said, moose are not territorial so if they do attack, you will just have to run away and likely they will not follow you.  Grab your HD action camera, bug spray and best of luck!