Drone With HD Camera Pilot Tips

Drones are a lot of fun once you've mastered flying them. If you are a beginner here are a few tips to get you started. Please remember that becoming an expert piloting drones will take hours and hours of practice, several crashes and lots of time. Be patient and most importantly, have fun! 
  • Hovering in Place - Start slow.  Go to a park or wide open level area and master the art of hovering about 3 feet off the ground in place while the drone is facing away from you and very steady before  trying to zoom all around.
  • Moving between spots - Once you've mastered hovering, continue hovering and move your drone left about 10 feet and land.  Continue takeoffs hovering (3 feet) and flying 10 feet and landing several times until this becomes smooth and easy.
  • Alternate orientation hovering - This next step is mastering the art of hovering while facing different directions.  This may take multiple charges of your drone and seem a lot more difficult than previous steps.  
  • Alternate orientation moving -  This step will feel familiar.  Continue taking off and hovering 3 feet above the ground, but now angle different directions and go about 10 feet and land.  Continue practicing until this feels smooth and easy.  
  • Congratulations! - Once you can maneuver the drone smooth and easy in different directions, you've mastered the hardest part of piloting a drone. Now you'll be able to maneuver your drone with HD camera for some amazing videos and pics.  
  • Practice, practice, practice...
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